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spam me for a tbh & rate since tags stopped working last night. #openrp
i have this test today that i'm already seeing i'll fail lol #openrp
people have an awful taste in everything yikes #openrp
well time to get ready 🗣
squishy, baby, daddy, my world, my everything, my baby, mine, my king, my world, my knight in shining armor, my lover. . i wanted to write you this paragraph because it was oh so very much needed! but i just wanted to tell you how much i love you. i love you more than StarBucks, i love you more than i love my cats, i love you more than hickeys, i love you more than i love big sweatshirts. i love you, i love you, i love you! you have made me the happiest guy alive! when i got my phone taken away, you stuck by me, you've been with me since i started my account. we stared out as best friends, but hey, look at us now, the cutest couple out there! though you may have accidentally hit me in the face "by accident" (haha i'm kidding) but i still love you with all of my heart. you've made me laugh when ive been upset (ooc and ic), you've made me laugh when i wasn't in the mood to talk to anybody, you've done everything i've ever wanted in a relationship! i lost my virginity to you and honestly it was the best! i also had my first kiss with you! i'm probably the luckiest guy alive to have someone as amazing as you! i cant even begin to say how much you've made me happy ugh! i'm rambling! wtfffff, i love you though! please be in my life forever! i cannot imagine a world without you ahhhh, well i can, but it's like really REALLY boring. i don't know how long this will be but i seriously cannot shut up. anyway! buy me StarBucks, a duck stuffie, and lemme cuddle up to you while you grab my butt! i seriously cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for me. you've made me seriously so so so so SOOOO fucking happy. i know i already said that and i might've repeated a few things but hey. i love you! and thank you for the hickeys (; your kisses on my neck turn me the fuck on😍. so does that dumb face of yours! HA i'm kidding! everything about you turns me the fuck on! anyway i told you not to read this till your a guy model, but hey! don't forget i'm your favorite twink
NOOOT sure how i feel about this, but if someone likes it and wants me to continue it, i'll do it and i'll most likely turn it into a badass/dark ariana intro OR a plot twist
Lol fuck I want to kill myself #openrp
GOODMORNING ☀️ #laurenjauregui #camilacabello
Don't bother commenting
Tagged my fav ♡
good morning!! have a gr8 day 👏
last time. vote for a rate and fop. #openrp #kpoprp #krp
My babyboy😋😋😋😋 I love you stinky #openrp