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#throwbackthursday Real post:  I'm honest about my own journey and hope this encourages other people to work for what they want and improve their own physiques. I was watching a video (pic on left, sorry for quality as it's a video shot) from 2015 and caught a glimpse of me and actually couldn't believe what I saw! It took some guts to post this but I think these real honest posts are important. Let's talk 'skinny fat'..... After losing a lot weight, mainly running (I hadn't even considered weights till the last leg of my journey unfortunately, and didn't know the benefits of it thus making my journey harder 🙇‍♀) I didn't train glutes for a long time apart from squats and deadlifts, I didn't know any different back then. I was left with loose skin, what is known as 'skinny fat'. For the last 2 years I have learned and implemented so many different exercises and worked hard in this area and I'm really pleased with the changes. Still work to do but seeing those changes has made me more determined to push on and improve, taking my knowledge with me and passing it on to my own Personal Training clients.  I hope this post was worth taking that deep breath before posting and helps to encourage others. Remember don't ignore those parts of your body that are covered up during your workout. 🍑 I know I'm standing in a pose position on the right and obviously not in the left picture, but let's face it no amount of standing correctly was going to change that! There are so many filters on social media these days that you shouldn't be mislead by. Don't expect others to do what you aren't prepared to do yourself. Keep it real, share your knowledge and experiences. Make their journey easier. These first hand experiences are more valuable than any of my qualifications, and I hope that they do help others out there still working on improving themselves.😊💜💛💜 #goals #keepimproving #inspire #learn  #personaltrainer #journey #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle
Already completed my morning Hiit session- running, stairs, and abs!! It's a good day to have a good day! #suzyq180 #murves #sweetsweat #fitnessjourney #fitfam #hiitcardio #hiittraining #running
#throwback  To 2013 when I competed. It was a last minute decision, and I never felt so uncomfortable on stage. Despite knowing I wasn't smiling, and kept telling myself to, I just could not smile.  I didn't tell anyone I was competing. I was also very shy and didn't mingle. I didn't have a clue about anything!  I was actually suffering from post competition blues after dieting for a photo shoot. Competing was a desperate attempt to control the binge eating and the rebound that would inevitably happen afterwards.  I placed Top 6 or 7. I didn't check. Nor did I bother getting any feedback afterwards. I knew it was my stage presence/posing that was lacking (I am covering my glutes in all the side poses). I even declared afterwards that I would never compete again. It was "Back to CrossFit we go"  But I had a rotator cuff injury that just wouldn't go away. When I started doing Hypertrophy for the photo shoot/competition, the injury went away. So I knew I had to go into this training phase which I had always avoided previously. I thought it would be only for a year. It's been 4 years now, and I still enjoy it. I am stronger and more balanced than ever before. I do miss CrossFit and especially Olympic Weightlifting, but I am not young anymore. I feel much better physically sticking to Hypertrophy.  Now, I have taken on the challenge to get my posing #onpoint and step back on that stage in 15 weeks time #wbff  This time, I am going to enjoy every moment of it! 💖  #fatloss #progress #squats #quads #legday #murves #bikinicompetitor #training #trainhard #fitfam #fitspiration  #gym #gymgrind #flexibledieting #iifym #macros #glutes #humpday #trusttheprocess #progress #patience #consistencyiskey #hypertrophy #bodybuilding #strength
I was umming and ahhing about posting this and I still might take it down but maybe it will inspire someone in the meantime. 😆 The two photos are one year apart and about two years apart respectively. I think it's so important that you make your health goals a sustainable lifestyle whatever that looks like for you. I don't believe in silver bullets because although they may work in the short-term what happens when your mindset goes back to its old ways because youre killing yourself trying to reach your goals quickly? Everyone's journey is unique and it's so important to be kind and realistic to yourself. You will get there and when you do you'll make new goals because what youve created are healthy habits that can sustain you long term. Health and fitness become fun because its not about a punishment for what you think you've done wrong. It's really a celebration of what your body can do for you. 💪💃 #fitness #lifestyle #goals #progress #progresspic #fitgirls #strong #innerstrength #healthyhabits #balance #booty #strongirls #fitfam #fitspo #healthy #nutrition #beforeandafter #weighttraining #murves
When you are feeling down about your progress, it is important to remind yourself of how far you've come. This was no 30 day challenge for me. This was a complete 180 lifestyle change. Through the self doubt, fear, heart break, and everything I thought I couldn't do, I overcame. It's been an emotional ride. And those of you that have went through it with me understand. I no longer rely on the scale. I no longer try and fit into someone else's mold or "perfection".. does that even exist? I no longer cared about being skinny. What I wanted was to be strong. To have big legs.. softball shoulders.. abs.. and a fierceness that no one could ever take from me. And what I wanted more than anything was to unleash the strength I was hiding from myself and others for so long. I continue to surprise myself every day.. I continue to set the bar higher, and discover something new about myself I never realized before, and to continue to preach to all the young women and our future generations to come that you are more than a freaking number. Stand tall, shine bright and never stop being who you truly are. I feel more me than ever before and I won't ever give up what I've fought so hard for. And you better not either. #fitspo #fitmom #fitness #thickthighs #buildyourselfup #workhard #stayhungry #stayhumble #strongoverskinny #strongereveryday #strong #girlpower #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #girlswhocrossfit #crossfit #chaseyourdreams #itsworthit #ownit #nevergiveup #mompreneur #momswholift #mypassion #murves #morethananumber #personaltrainer #holistichealthcoach #hustleforthatmuscle #getoutofyourway
Every no the universe gives you is it's way way of saying "Next Opportunity", you can't dwell on the things or people you wished were yours because nothing that is ever meant to be yours will ever pass you by. Some days you just need to keep showing up even though you'd just prefer to give up. There's days you'll question everything and wonder why and it'll seem like no matter how hard you try there's just no reason. Nothing happens by accident and nothing is a coincidence, everything happens exactly the way it is supposed to. Sometimes doing the right thing is going to be the hardest thing in the world but the universe will always give you back the exact energy you give out. Be honest, say exactly what you're thinking, be kind to people, you'll be surprised just how many people will pop up when you need it without having to say a word to anyone.  While it seems I'm pretty open about my life on insty, truth is - I'm absolutely not and I'm actually a very private person about most things in my life and will rarely open up to anyone. This weeks been a really tough one for various reasons but I'm so grateful for everything I have and instead of getting upset about things I just kept reminding myself of the things I'm so thankful for and this afternoon an amazing opportunity has landed at my feet. Nothing excites me more than new beginnings 🙌🏽❤️
Being a sleeping girl with a busy life ain't easy 😐 that's from yesterday's pull training. Today i will do legs, sort some things out and try to live a life a little 💪🏼 Happy Thursday Peoples! ❤️ #lovewhatyoudo #back #pullpushgrind #lats #deadlift #happythursday #gymrat #powerbuilding #trainingvideos #lovewhatyoudo #goodvibes
Same girl- same pose- different mindset🙆🏼 •Bild 1, ca ett år sedan: mycket cardio och styrketräning, mycket mat men till stor del bestod intaget av sämre alternativ och framförallt mycket sött. Sockerberoendet var nog ett faktum... •Bild 2, ca 6 månader sedan: 5 dagar efter sista tävlingen, 24 veckors diet och -12 kg. Fick bukt på sockersuget men kroppen var med all rätt ganska sliten, och framförallt tycker jag det var svårt att avgöra när man var hungrig eller bara sugen... •Bild 3, Idag: Balans! Käkar bra mat på vardagarna av både ekonomiska och hälsomässiga skäl, lyxar till det på helgerna🍔🍫🍷 och njuter av livet. Äter kolhydrater till alla mina mål utan kvällsmålet (var inte rädda för carbsen tjejer) och äter mycket, kvalitativ mat. Gällande träningen är tänket kvalitet över kvantitet med 1-2 vilodagar/veckan (total vila) och relativt restriktivt med cardion, max 4 ggr/veckan, 20-40 min (hjärtat behöver dock sin träning och jag behöver min kondition som spinninginstruktör 😅). Summan av kardemumman, känner att jag lever en livsstil jag vill leva för att jag mår bra av det. Friheten att varken vara bunden till sockerfällan eller diettänket är väldigt skönt. Träningen är det jag visar upp här, men är egentligen inte proportionerligt till hur min vardag faktiskt ser ut. En liten påminnelse bara då jag vet att en del tror att jag bara tränar dagarna i ända haha 😘 #distansochbalans
I slept almost 10h and still could stay in bed - did you know that certain poses in my #bikramyoga class tonight will be more energizing than that long night of sleep? Let's go Thursday!
Look out world here I come! ISSA Certified and becoming a yoga teacher? I am just one of those people who can not stay still!  https://www.gofundme.com/TrinitysYogatuitionfund still rasing money for my yoga teacher training course!!