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Reasons and ways to love and embrace being a big girl by a big girl: So as you can tell, I am a curvy girl. I am bigger and you know what? I love it! Yes it is possible to love your body if you are plus size 😮😂 . . 1.) Own it. If someone says you are large, big, heavy, curvy. Fucking own that shit. Damn it if somebody calls you fat say 'I know right?' Fat isn't a bad word unless you make it. After all, it does just mean you are overflowing with sexiness 😉 . . 2.) Wear what you want and what YOU feel comfortable with. It is so easy to get confused between our own thoughts and societies imposed thoughts. If you have a belly and want to wear a crop top, fucking do it. You are unstoppable . . 3.) Rolls are cute af. I love when I sit down I can feel my wee pouches cuddle in to each other. Everybody has rolls. But they are your rolls so you don't compare them or share them (this applies to body rolls and rolls containing meats aka a hotdog) You love them for everything they are☺️ . . 4.) This one may not apply to everyone but if you are curvier and suffer from an eating disorder, past or present, don't be afraid or ashamed to say. It doesn't matter. People may say 'you don't look like you have an eating disorder?' That just shows how uneducated they are and it's embarrassing so don't allow their ignorance to influence your recovery 💞 . . 5.) It is ok to have parts of your body you don't like!!! It's important to remember that Body positivity is a process. Nobody is 100% happy with their body. I'm not 100% happy. But I am grateful. I love my body. I might not like aspects of it, but I'm working on those- but I never forget to love and appreciate myself and what my body does for me. Don't aim for complete and utter acceptance with not a single worry about your body- because that is almost impossible. It's about accepting your body, loving your body and growing to be grateful for the parts you may not like- you shouldn't be ashamed . . I am curvy. I am
Have you ever fallen in love? ⭕️🍒🥀♥️ //a spam  of my face. Happy birthday, new Instagram.
| 🎵Close your eyes & let the world paint a thousand  pictures🎵| 🌎comeon guys, you know I couldn't quote Jay Z yesterday and not quote Kanye today. Has anyone else seen the rumor that Kimye is on break? The only positive thing I saw about it in the article I read is that Kanye is locked up in the mountains of Wyoming working on his next album. Which, I'm sitting here  for 🙇🏼‍♀️🙋🏼 In other news, you can still use the code PRIMP40 for 40% off at @byashleystewart! Head to BITD to shop these items, non of which are over $40!(📷@snapshotsbysierra) #ad #iamashley #ashleystewart #dcblogger #snapshotsbysierra #acreativedc
#repost @mylifecoachrachel with @repostapp ・・・ I've been sitting here trying to think of a good caption but this photo just makes me sad when I look at it. So how about I ask you a question:  Who taught the young girl on the left to hide her tummy before taking pictures in a swimsuit❓ Who taught her that at only 13 years old, her chubby little body was unworthy of a photographic memory❓ It definitely wasn't her parents or family, so who was it? Well, did you know that this innocent young girl was bullied for her weight? Not by the girls. The girls were nice. But the boys...the boys were mean. From then on out, she never wanted to go to the pool, saw boys as a threat, cried to her teachers, etc etc.  Things started to get better in middle school, but then came the media. *Knock Knock* Diet culture, fitness, cellulite cream--CELLULITE?? Why was a 13 year old worried about cellulite??? Because the media told her it was bad. That SHE was bad and needed to change.  If you couldn't tell by now, the young girl was me.  There's a big difference between the closed off, hiding, young girl on the left and the carefree, happy, open girl on the right. ❤️And that difference is self love.❤️ I taught it to myself. I had to. I had to find a way to be happy. The process wasn't quick. I'm still working on it at 26 years old.  But I have a message for all the women who are much older and STILL feel ashamed to show their tummy at the pool: Don't be. Put on that bikini and smile. Don't feel the need to let other people's opinions ruin precious memories with your friends and family. Show your daughters what it's like to flaunt their flaws at the pool. No shame. Your imperfections tell a story. Your body is beautiful. You are BEAUTIFUL.  #effyourbeautystandards #youdontknowmystory #honormycurves #celebratemysize #bodypositive #bopo #bodypositivemovement #stopbullying #stopshaming #endbullying #endthestigma